The foundation\'s administrative bodies

General Council of the founders

The foundation\'s General Council will act as its governing body. The General Council will meet at least once a year. Its authority includes the following:

Changes in the charter;

Establishing priority activities, principles, and utilization of foundation property;

Creation of executive bodies, and their termination;

Appointment of a director and his removal;

Approval of the annual report, and the annual financial report;

Approval of the financial plan, and making changes to it;

Creation of branches, and opening representative offices;

Participation in other organizations;

Reorganization of the foundation;

Electing a reviewing committee;

Approval of the internal order;

Securing an auditor;

Approving the Board of Trustees;

Liquidation of the foundation.

Managing director

The foundation\'s Managing director is the sole executive body of the foundation. The current management of the foundation will act as the Managing director.

. The General Council will choose the Managing director for one year. Until appointed to this position, the candidate for the Managing director can be approved by the Board of Trustees. The Managing director’s authority can be terminated prematurely by decision of the General Council.

The Managing director is accountable to the General Council.

The Managing director’s responsibilities include:

The right to administer foundation property and finances within the framework established by the Charter;

Represent the foundation in government bodies;

The right to issue power of attorney to third parties, with the approval of the General Council, in order to represent the foundation’s interests;

Representing the foundation with other companies, organizations and institutions;

Managing the foundation’s current affairs;

Opening and closing bank accounts;

Ensuring that decisions made by the General Council are implemented;

Appointing officers of the foundation;

Deciding all other issues not within the authority of other bodies of the foundation.

By decision of the General Council Dmitri Fedorov is appointed Managing director of the foundation until April 15, 2011.

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is a supervisory organ for the foundation, and ensures that decisions made by other foundation bodies are implemented, and that the foundation’s finances are used properly according to the bylaws.

The Board of Trustees itself will carry out reviews of the foundation’s bodies (determined by the board itself), and can also invite the necessary specialists to make an audit. Payment for an external audit will be made by the foundation according to a cost estimate provided by the Board of Trustees.

The Board of Trustees will be composed of citizens of the Russian Federation chosen by the foundation’s General Council for a period of one year. Those people who donate more than 5 million rubles have the right to one position on the Board.

People with material responsibility cannot take a position on the Board.

The Board of Trustees will report its results of the General Council. The Board of Trustees will make its decisions by a majority with a quorum of three quarters of the members of the Board. Every member of the Board has the right to one vote.

The Board of Trustees works without compensation.

Members of the Board of Trustees

Zaitsev, Dmitri Petrovich, chairman of the board of directors Plastic Layers Manufacturer jsc

Dmitriev, Yevgeny Anatolivich, director for budget and price formation Inter-regional Company for Gas Realization ltd

Primak, Alexander Viktorovich, general director ARTKOM ltd

Reviewing Committee

Control of the foundation’s financial activities is made by a Reviewing Committee chosen by the General Council for a period of one year.

The Reviewing Committee has the right to take the initiative to carry out a review of the foundation’s activities. Members of the Reviewing Committee cannot be on any governing body of the foundation, or hold a position in the foundation.

Officers of the foundation are obliged to provide the Reviewing Committee with all necessary documents and to make personal explanations.