About the Foundation

The Foundation for the Reconstruction of Christian Cultural Monuments is a non-commercial organization whose goal is to assist the rebuilding of churches and other religious buildings of historical significance.

The foundation\'s first project is to rebuild the Church of the Icon of the Smolensk Mother of God. The church was built in the village of Bolshoe Pulkovo in the 18th century by the great Italian architect, Giacomo Quarenghi. However, during World War II the church was destroyed and today only parts of the foundation remain. These ruins were only recently discovered during work to prepare the territory for construction of a new convention and exhibition center in St Petersburg that is the brainchild of ExpoForum.

The company has decided that the memory of the great architect should be celebrated because he built a great number of architectural masterpieces in St Petersburg. Also, rebuilding the church is important to commemorate the village of Pulkovo which was entirely destroyed during the war. With the blessing of the Russian Orthodox Church the church will be rebuilt based on the architect\'s original plans and archival photographs.